High-Class Celebrity Escorts at NYC Escorts

Here is where you’ll find arguably the best high-class escort models in New York. NYC Escorts girls is an agency that attracts ladies from all over the world, from every area of the escorting community. They choose us because we have the clients they desire, and we have the clients because we have the high-end girls we suppose! It’s a marriage made in heaven if ever there was one.

The girls you see on this page have all reached this level of attainment because they’ve made a conscious choice to be a certain type of escort. A high-class NY escort at $ 600+. They could live further out, in the NYC area, and lower their prices to a mere pittance. They could register as independent service providers on certain websites. They can even sign up with cheaper agencies that don’t offer nearly the same standard of customer service as the agencies in NYC and Manhattan. But they have chosen not to.

High-end Celebrity Escorts know they’re worth it

Girls who move to pursue their escorting careers where they are likely to get a much better class of clients are generally those who are already very confident of their abilities. They are comfortable with their appearance, they know what suits them, they know their preferences, and virtually all of them are highly intelligent with long term goals and aspirations. This is what makes them so very appealing to our clients. Not only are they high-class escorts in their appearance, but also their personalities.

High-class Celebrity Escorts don’t have to be expensive

It all vastly depends on what you consider to be “high-class”. It’s very subjective. As we have hopefully already demonstrated, it’s about a state of mind. If the girl knows what she wants, and knows where to get, offers good service and gets paid well for it, she’s a high class in our opinion. And we don’t mind telling you that it’s also nothing to do with money. The girls on this page have elected to offer their services for $600+ because they know they’re worth it.

What can a $600 New York escort do that a $600 girl can’t? Really? There isn’t much at all when you think about it. It isn’t as though the more expensive one has superpowers, or she’ll also do your laundry and your self-assessment return when she comes over to visit. And it’s not in looks either. This is entirely subjective. What one man finds attractive, another may not.

The obvious differences

There is a very distinct difference between high class and low class when it comes to the escort industry you know.  High class is basically anything you’re able to find on a website such as ours, in the areas we represent or one of the many other excellent high-class escort sites covering NY.  Low class, in this case, is anyone you see advertised in a phone box or in the bag of a newspaper or contact magazine.  Be very wary of these sort guys. It really is best to go for the high-end girls, they’ll treat you right and you’ll get what you see every time.

Some advice for your High-end Celebrity Escorts experience

So, we have established that the girls you see here in this gallery, are definitely among those considered to be suitable to the gentleman that requires a little style on his date. A little more than the average, casual one-hour booking where no-one really gets to know each other much at all.

When it comes to model escorts of this caliber you should know that they have become accustomed to a certain level of treatment and expect nothing less than the best.  These girls like to be booked by the most discerning, affluent and powerful gentlemen in the city and expect to be treated like absolute princesses.  These girls are used to staying at all the best places in NYC.  They dine in the finest places and expect nothing but the best. But don’t worry, they’ll be sure to offer you the very best service in return, as a token of their appreciation.